Power Grid

power grid

Designers: Friedemann Friese
Publishers: 2F Spiele, Rio Grande Games
Boardgamegeek Info: Power Grid (Funkenschlag)



GM: Shiv Chopra
Ass’t GM: Rob Murray


Demo: Thurs 6:30pm
Heats: Thurs 7:00pm, Fri 2:30pm, 9:00pm
Semi-Final: Sat 9:00am
Final: Sat 3:30pm


The top finisher in the Final will receive a plaque.

Event Description

Preliminary Rounds

We will prefer five-player games, with four players where necessary. The following boards will be used:
Heat 1 – Italy or Benelux
Heat 2 – USA or Germany
Heat 3 – France or Central Europe
Deck 1 will be used in all rounds.

Elimination Rounds

A 15 player semi-final will be held, consisting of three 5-player games. All two or three game winners will advance automatically. Remaining seats will be filled by one-game winners as ranked in order of their second best finish. In the event that not enough winners are available to play in the semi-final, the closest second-place players will advance to fill the tables.
The three winners and the best 2nd place (based on standard EQ rules) will advance to a four-player final.
Semi-final board: South Korea or Brazil
Final board: Northern Europe


If there are more than 16 two-game winners, the semi-final will consist of five 4-player games, with the 5 winners advancing to a 5 player final.

If there are more than 20 two-game winners, the semi-final will consist of five 5-player games, with the 5 winners advancing to a 5 player final.

Rule Change

Do not collect income the final round of the game.


Plant 29 (in the original deck) powers 4 cities.


Randomly determine the initial player order. Then each player (in order) selects one region to be in play. You may select any region with the caveat that all regions must be contiguous when the last player has selected.

In a four-player game, randomly remove 4 plants (face down) from the deck before putting plant 13 (or 11) on top.

When the Step 3 card is revealed, immediately shuffle the remainder of the deck.

The FAQs available here shall be in effect: http://www.2f-spiele.de/spiele/faq/faq_frames_eng.htm

Money is hidden but MUST remain on the table.


At the end of each game, players are ranked by the number of cities supplied with power with any ties broken by the amount of ending cash. A specialized score sheet will be provided to record this information as it will also be used to rank players for advancement to the elimination rounds.

For example if Bill wins with 15 cities and $110, Jim has 15 cities and $101, and Tom has 15 and $10 then Bill’s score would be recorded as 15,110, Jim’s score would be recorded as 15,101 and Tom as 15,010.

Map Errata

When playing the Benelux map, during Stages 1 & 2, the discard and replacement of the lowest power plant at the same time as the highest power plant is placed at the bottom of the deck: both plants will be removed, and then two replacements will be drawn from the deck.

When playing the Benelux map, the purple area (Luxembourg) is considered to be part of the dark blue area, and so there are only 5 areas on this map.

Time Limit Adjudication

Any game that is not finished 20 minutes prior to the end of the time slot is subject to adjudication by the GM.

Courtesy Rule

Please refrain from telling or suggesting to other players what they should do.


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Power Grid at EuroQuest 2016 will award Meeple League points