Bring and Buy / Auction Store

What is Bring and Buy / Auction Store?

Bring and Buy works like a flea market, where people bring in games they want to sell and set a price in advance.  The games are laid out a series of tables and shelves, and attendees can purchase the games for a fixed-price as decided by the seller of the game.  Prices are set at 3 tiers, so the prices drop the longer the store is open.

When and Where

  • Saturday, in the Belmont Room (in the front part of the hotel)
  • Game Check-in: 11AM – Noon
  • Store Opens / Early Price: Noon
  • Middle Price: 1 PM
  • Late Price: 2 PM
  • Store Closes: 3PM
  • Sellers paid out: ~4PM

Fine Print (for Sellers)

  • You must fill out the following 2 forms.  The excel file must be e-mailed in advance to or brought to the event on a USB drive (or CD/DVD, etc).  The Item Sheets should be printed out and filled in, and attached to the games for sale using painters tape.  We will have a limited number of blank forms for any walk-in sellers, but we highly prefer that you print and fill these out in advance.  It’s fine to leave the badge number blank and fill that information in when you arrive at the convention.
  • There is a $0.25 registration fee per-game that is non-refundable
    • If the Auction Store Registration Form (above) is not provided electronically, there will be an additional $0.25 processing fee per item
    • We will deduct these fees as part of the seller payout – no need to pay during game check-in.
  • Prices must be set in whole dollar increments, and must drop by at least
    $1 from Early to Middle and from Middle to Late.
  • For games that sell, EuroQuest will take 10% of the sale price as a handling fee (rounded to the nearest $0.25 in the seller’s favor).  For example, a game that sells for $20, EuroQuest will take $2 and give $18 to the seller.
  • For games that don’t sell at all, EuroQuest will charge an additional $0.25 processing fee (on top of the $0.25 registration fee)
  • If your balance is negative (because none of your games sell), you must pay the required fees to reclaim your games during payout time.
  • You must show your badge at payout time to claim your earnings and reclaim unsold games.