Bring and Buy / Auction Store

What is Bring and Buy / Auction Store?

Bring and Buy works like a flea market, where people bring in games they want to sell and set a price in advance.  The games are laid out a series of tables and shelves, and attendees can purchase the games for a fixed-price as decided by the seller of the game.  Prices are set at 3 tiers, so the prices drop the longer the store is open. See the list of games available for sale!

When and Where

  • Saturday, November 12, in the Prince George Room (across from the main ballroom near the rear of the hotel), see graphic of hotel floor plan at Maps & Floor Plans for precise location
  • Game Check-in: 10AM – Noon
  • Store Opens / Early Price: Noon
  • Middle Price: 2 PM
  • Late Price: 3 PM
  • Store Closes: 4 PM
  • Sellers paid out: 5 PM

Questions about the Auction Store?  Contact us at

Fine Print (for Sellers)

  • You must download and fill out the Registration Form and email it to . We will email you a set of Item Sheets which you will need to print, cut out, and attach to each game using painters tape or masking tape.  We will have tape available at check-in, but we highly prefer that you print and attach these in advance.
  • There is a $0.25 registration fee per game that is non-refundable
    • An additional $0.25 processing fee per item will apply if your Item Sheets are not pre-printed.  For example,
      • You email the Registration Form too late for us to email you the Item sheets, or
      • You bring your Auction Store Registration Form (above) to EuroQuest on a USB drive, or
      • You left them home.

      You should expect significant check-in delays as well.

    • If the Auction Store Registration Form (above) is not provided electronically, there will be an additional $0.25 processing fee per item
    • We will deduct these fees as part of the seller payout – no need to pay during game check-in.
  • Prices must be set in whole dollar increments, and must drop by at least $1 from Early to Middle and from Middle to Late.
  • For games that sell, EuroQuest will take 10% of the sale price as a commission (rounded to the nearest $0.25 in the seller’s favor).
    • For example, a game that sells for $21, EuroQuest will take $2 commission and $.25 registration fee, and give $18.75 to the seller.
  • For games that don’t sell at all, EuroQuest will charge an additional $0.25 processing fee (on top of the registration fee)
  • If your balance is negative (because none of your games sell), you must pay the required fees to reclaim your games during payout time.
  • You must show your badge at payout time to claim your earnings and reclaim unsold games.

Questions about the Auction Store?  Contact us at