Ticket to Ride


Designer: Alan R. Moon
Publishers: Days of Wonder
Boardgamegeek Info: Ticket to Ride, USA 1910
Spiel des Jahres (German game of the year) 2004


GM: Jenn Clouser


Demo: Fri 7:00 PM
See schedule for Heat times


The top two finishers from the Final will receive a EuroQuest plaque.

Event Description

Game Versions

There will be three preliminary heats, followed by the semi-final and final.

All heats, the Semi-Final, and the Final will use the US – 1910 game. The Mega variation should be played.

Number of Players

Most games will be played with 4 players, resorting to 5-player games only if needed. Players will randomly select turn order and seating order at the start of each game since turn order is a tie-breaker (See below). At the start of each game, players must check that they have exactly 45 trains in their color. The number of train cars, train cards and destination tickets a player has is public knowledge.

Elimination Rounds
  1. A 16 player semi-final will be held, consisting of four 4-player games.
  2. All two and three game winners will advance. Remaining seats will be filled by one-game winners as ranked in order of their second best finish. In the event that not enough winners are available to play in the semi-final, the closest second-place players will advance to fill the tables. Two- and three-game winners will be spread out as evenly as possible over the four tables.
  3. Winners of the semi-final games will advance to a four-player final. If any of these winners are not able to play in the final, one or two closest second-place players will also advance to the final. “Closest” is defined by the percentage of the winner’s score the player in second place had, not by the difference between the highest score and the second-highest score.
Rules Version

The tournament will use the official Ticket to Ride 1910 rules as published by Days of Wonder.

Rules Clarifications/Notes
  1. Make sure each player has the correct number of trains (45) at the start. The game is shipped with extra pieces, and some pieces may have been misplaced over time.
  2. Be sure to replace a drawn face-up Train Card before drawing a second Train Card. If this action reveals a third locomotive, the available cards must be flushed immediately.
  3. After all players have chosen what tickets to keep at the start of the game, the remaining tickets will be shuffled well. Discarded tickets are placed at the bottom of the pile as they are discarded.
  4. Discarded Train Cards must be reshuffled and put into play as soon as the last card is drawn (not when the next card is required).
  5. Be sure to shuffle the Train cards thoroughly (because they are discarded in sets).
Tie Breakers

The following tiebreakers will be used to determine finish order within a game:

  1. Total Score
  2. Player who has completed the most destination tickets
  3. Player with the Longest Continuous Path Card
  4. Reverse Turn Order
Time Limit Adjudication

Each heat will last 90 minutes. The GM intends to be available to adjudicate unfinished games promptly at the 90-minute mark. Adjudication will be based on likely outcomes, not only on current scores.


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Ticket To Ride at EuroQuest 2023 will award Meeple League points