EuroQuest couldn’t exist without the help of our volunteers.  Anyone who has pre-registered for the convention is eligible to volunteer.  Here’s how you can help:

Front Desk

We need people to work shifts at the front desk throughout the convention.  Volunteers who complete a total of 4 hours at the front desk are eligible for a free gift (a EuroQuest or GCOM T-shirt).  All volunteers (except for EuroQuest organizers and GCOM Board members) will earn one entry for each hour of front desk duty into a special prize drawing that will take place on Sunday afternoon, at the conclusion of the convention.  The winner will receive a free admission to a 2023 GCOM event, either Game Days or EuroQuest and, unlike other prize drawings, you do not need to be present to win.

Front desk hours will be 9 AM to 9 PM each of the first three days, and from 9 AM to 3 PM on Sunday.  New for this year, there will be a table behind the front desk where people there can set up games to be played during down times, and we encourage people to sign up in pairs.  Finally, to ensure consistency and accurate record-keeping, we will be distributing a written document or protocol for all front desk personnel.

If you’d like to volunteer, contact our Front Desk Coordinator: Bob Oliver

Here are the shifts for the front desk where we need help:

































We need people Wednesday evening (starting around 6-7 PM) to help set up the room. We also need people who can help with teardown on Sunday. If you’d like to volunteer, contact Lee or Bob.

GMs/Asst GMs

GMs are responsible for organizing and running individual main tournament games and wildcard tournaments. We are occasionally looking for people to run particular games. All GMs must follow the EuroQuest guidelines.

All GM roles are currently staffed for 2023, but please send an email to: Marcy Morelli if you wish to volunteer for a future year.

Last updated September  13, 2023