Play to Win Sponsors

Are you a Publisher, Distributor, or Game Designer?  How would you like to get your latest games exposure to EuroQuest’s 300+ Attendees?  Consider becoming a Play to Win sponsor and get the word out about your latest and greatest games!

Sponsoring our Play to Win (how it works)
  • Publishers, Distributors, and/or Designers donate copies of their latest game(s) to the EuroQuest Play to Win prize pool
  • We will advertize your game donations on our website, in our program booklet, and on social media
  • EuroQuest Attendees will get a chance to learn and play your game
  • After playing the game, Attendees fill out a comment card with their comments and rating on the game
  • During our prize drawing on Saturday, comment cards will be drawn, and one of the attendees who played your game will take it home with them
  • After the convention is over, we will send you the information from the comment cards filled out for your games (Game Ratings and player comments)
Why Sponsor?
  • Exposure to all Convention attendees
  • Players must learn & actually play the game in order to be eligible to win it as a prize
  • The game goes home with an attendee (so they can show it to their friends)
The Fine Print
  • It is up to you (the Publisher/Designer/Distributor) which games and how many to donate
  • EuroQuest is willing to work with you regarding reimbursement (for the games and/or shipping costs) if you are willing to donate multiple games to our Play to Win event
  • EuroQuest would rather have your game(s) in our Play to Win prize pool, than not have them at all!
  • Please contact the Play to Win event coordinator to arrange shipping your game(s) and any other questions, comments, or requests you may have.