2019 Main tournament

The main tournament games for EuroQuest 2019 are:

Those who make the final table will receive plaques or certificates. The number of plaques given out is based on the attendance last year, and is listed in the event description for each game.

There are just a few simple rules regarding the main event tournament formats at EuroQuest.

  • Each event will have two to four preliminary rounds.
  • All heats played in an event will count.
  • Only the two best games will be considered for advancement.
  • Two wins automatically advances you to the next (semi-final or final) round.
  • All tournaments will hold a semi-final (E1) and final game (E2). In a few cases where low attendance is expected, the Tournament Director may grant an exception to this rule.
  • The GM must specify how many players will play in the semi-final and at the final table.
  • In instances where additional participants are needed to fill out a semi-final or final table, the following advancement rules will apply:
    1. One win advances before no wins.
    2. Second place advances before third place, and third place advances before fourth, etc.
    3. Placement ties are broken by the closest percentage to first.
    4. Flip of a Euro coin.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the number of games in the semifinal round will be the minimum number of tables needed to accommodate all two-game winners, with available alternates filling the remaining seats based on the above-referenced tiebreaker system.
  • If needed, we will use a coin flip to determine all positions in the top four in each tournament but only after all other tiebreaks are exhausted. These rules will apply to all main event tournaments at EuroQuest.

Please address questions to Marcy Morelli – marcy1sfc@yahoo.com

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