Ticket to Ride “minis” tournament

Designers: Alan R. Moon
Publishers: Days of Wonder
Boardgamegeek Info: London, New York, Amsterdam



GM: Lee Mewshaw

Tournament type

Double elimination, continuous to final game

Anyone who knows the Ticket to Ride base game is welcome to play. The rules for these “mini” games are quick to learn and will be reviewed before we start playing. 


Games will begin at 9AM Sunday and run until we are down to a final table. 

Event Description

This tournament will feature the five “mini” versions of TTR that have been released by Days of Wonder: London, New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Berlin (releases Sept 2023). These games follow similar rules to regular TTR but can be completed in about 20 minutes.


At 9 AM players will be assigned randomly to one of the three versions of the game. All tables will be 3 or 4 players, and we will keep the tables as even as possible. 

Once all players have completed the first game, we will immediately set up for a second round – again using all three versions of the game and 3 or 4 person tables. 

At the end of the second game, anyone with 2 losses will be eliminated from the tournament. 

Rounds will continue in this way, eliminating any player with two total losses until we reach a final table of four. 

The final table may choose which of the versions to play. If the group cannot agree, we will use a die roll to choose the version.  

Prize: The winner will receive a copy of TTR Berlin