Open Gaming

EQ open gaming

2021 information

Open Gaming will begin at 10:00 AM on Thursday October 28 and continue until 5 pm Sunday, October 31. EuroQuest offers a combination of gaming experiences. In addition to tournaments, we provide games to use and space set aside for Open Gaming. Bring any game you want to play and take advantage of our Open Gaming space.

The Open Gaming area is in the same main gaming hall as the tournaments, so everyone is part of the same convention experience. You can do some open gaming in between tournaments or play some tournament games in between open gaming.

Scheduled game demonstrations will take place in either the Tournament gaming area (for Main Event tournament games) or in the New Games Area (for all Wild Card game demos and all other new game demos). If you would like to learn a tournament game (or a game offered in the Wild Card tournament) and there is no demo scheduled, let us know and we’ll try to find someone to teach it. See the Demonstration page for more information.

Bring your own games, or check out the many games available in the EuroQuest Gaming Library!