2022 Schedule

The 2022 Tournament schedule will be announced by the end of Sept. Additional events and demos will continue to be added up until the start of the convention. Be sure to check back frequently so you don’t miss out on any exciting events!

Schedule archive

2021 schedule files:
EQ_2021_Master_Schedule v10 (Updated Oct 26) (Excel XLS format)
EQ_2021_Master_Schedule v10 (Updated Oct 26) (PDF format)

2020 schedule files:
EQ 2020 virtual schedule v4 (Updated Nov 4) (Excel XLS format)
EQ 2020 virtual schedule PDF (Updated Nov 4) (PDF format)

2019 schedule files:
EQ_2019_Master_Schedule v7 (Updated October 31) (Excel XLS format, separate tabs for each day)
EQ_2019_Master_Schedule v7 (Updated October 31) (PDF format, scroll for each day)

2018 schedule files:
EQ_2018_Master_Schedule FINAL 2018-11-05 (Excel xlxs format – separate tabs for each day)
EQ_2018_Master_Schedule FINAL 2018-11-05 (xls format)
EQ_2018_Master_Schedule FINAL 2018-11-01 (PDF format)

2017 schedule files:
EQ_2017_Master_Schedule (Excel format – separate tabs for each day)
EQ_2017_Master_Schedule (PDF format)

2016 schedule files:
EQ_2016_Master_Schedule-10 (PDF format)
EQ_2016_Master_Schedule-10 (Excel format – separate tabs for each day)

2015 schedule files:
EQ_2015_Master_Schedule (PDF format)
EQ_2015_Master_Schedule (Excel format – separate tabs for each day)

2014 Schedule files:
EQ_2014_Demo_Schedule_v2.ods (OpenOffice)
EQ_2014_Demo_Schedule_v2.xls (Excel)