2021 Schedule

2021 schedule  is here! Be sure to check back frequently as we will continue to add demos and other events for the next few weeks.

EQ_2021_Master_Schedule v10 (Updated Oct 26) (Excel XLS format)

EQ_2021_Master_Schedule v10 (Updated Oct 26) (PDF format)

Schedule archive

2020 schedule files:
EQ 2020 virtual schedule v4 (Updated Nov 4) (Excel XLS format)
EQ 2020 virtual schedule PDF (Updated Nov 4) (PDF format)

2019 schedule files:
EQ_2019_Master_Schedule v7 (Updated October 31) (Excel XLS format, separate tabs for each day)
EQ_2019_Master_Schedule v7 (Updated October 31) (PDF format, scroll for each day)

2018 schedule files:
EQ_2018_Master_Schedule FINAL 2018-11-05 (Excel xlxs format – separate tabs for each day)
EQ_2018_Master_Schedule FINAL 2018-11-05 (xls format)
EQ_2018_Master_Schedule FINAL 2018-11-01 (PDF format)

2017 schedule files:
EQ_2017_Master_Schedule (Excel format – separate tabs for each day)
EQ_2017_Master_Schedule (PDF format)

2016 schedule files:
EQ_2016_Master_Schedule-10 (PDF format)
EQ_2016_Master_Schedule-10 (Excel format – separate tabs for each day)

2015 schedule files:
EQ_2015_Master_Schedule (PDF format)
EQ_2015_Master_Schedule (Excel format – separate tabs for each day)

2014 Schedule files:
EQ_2014_Demo_Schedule_v2.ods (OpenOffice)
EQ_2014_Demo_Schedule_v2.xls (Excel)