Learn New Games

New Games Library

  • New games will be kept in a separate New Games library (not with the regular GCOM Library).
  • Demo times will be posted at the demo stands located in the demo area.
  • You should not check out a New Game when it will be needed for its scheduled demo.
  • Some New Games may be given away in our prize drawings. Details to follow soon.

All these games will reside in the New Games library and will be available for EuroQuest attendees to check out prior to being included in the Grand Prize Drawing at 9:30 PM on Saturday.

Other Demos

In addition to the Essen game demos and the Designer Demos (see drop down menu at the left for details), we are pleased to offer a few more demos of other recent releases.

Barcelona (Fri. 1 PM)

Empire’s End (Fri. 9 PM)

Zhanguo: The First Empire (Fri. 3:30 PM)

Last updated November 1, 2023

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