GM Info

Who Is Eligible to GM?
If you wish to be a GM or Assistant GM at EuroQuest, please contact the Tournament Director with the name of the game you are interested in helping out with.
Event Format
The GM is to follow the designated format as determined for all games at EuroQuest. Additional considerations should be addressed with the EQ Tournament Director.
Event Schedule
The event schedule will be determined by the EQ Tournament Director, working with the EQ scheduler and in consideration of the Main GM’s availability. All heats must follow a pre-determined schedule. All scheduled heats of one event are NOT required to be continuous. Available schedule slots are limited by the EQ Tournament Director.
GM Playing Status
We encourage GMs to play in their own event. For this reason, you are encouraged to have an assistant GM to help run the event and to resolve possible disputes in games involving the GM.
Upon expressing interest and being approved as the official GM, and prior to September 10:

  1. All GMs will need to do a short write up summarizing the format they are using for their event.
  2. We need all GM’s to clarify which version of the rules they will be using.
  3. Clarify any common rules questions.
  4. Clarify any special rules or printed variants they intend to use that depart from the original manufacturer’s printed rules.
  5. Clarify all tiebreakers, both for individual games and for advancement to elimination round games
  6. Specify adjudication rules for games that go beyond the normal allotted time to complete play.
GM Responsibilities
Your responsibilities as a GM — in addition to the above — are as follows:

  • You must be prepared to supervise the event
  • Address any disputes or rules questions that may arise
  • Provide players with any materials such as score sheets or player aids necessary to track results.
  • Individual game score sheets will be provided to GMs and MUST be filled out by a designated scorer in each game, then turned in to the scoring desk as each game finishes.
  • An Entry List form will be provided for each event to assist with checking in players. This form must be turned in at the conclusion of your event, and will be used crosscheck against the individual game score sheets if needed.
  • After the event completes, the GM will be asked to announce the winners over the public address system. If the GM or assistant GM cannot be present to do so, the Tournament Director will announce the winners.
GM Paperwork Requirements
At EuroQuest, we strive to make it easy for our GMs. Our computerized scoring program keeps the need for paperwork to a minimum.
At the beginning of the convention, you should pick up your GM packet at the GM area near the registration desk. The packet will contain everything you need to run your event successfully. There are just a few things to remember:

  • All players must sign the Entry List. You must verify that all players have their name and badge number printed legibly on the Entry List.
  • Event Lists cannot list the same person more than once – regardless of the number of Heats in which they participate.
  • The GM should issue a score sheet to all tables at the beginning of each round. Players may turn these score sheets into the Registration Desk themselves once the game is complete. However, the GM is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all scoresheets are legible, and properly turned in within one hour after the end of the event.

After-action reports (a.k.a. GM Write-ups) are optional for EuroQuest. If you do one, it should consist of a 350 words or more report featuring interesting anecdotes that occurred during play, house rules in an effect or under consideration for future use and statistics regarding bids or play balance. Please email these to the Tournament Director by Dec 31.

Scoresheets will contain a place for players to record interesting tidbits about the gameplay.
Copies of Games
GMs are required to bring at least one copy of the game they are running. Additional copies may be contained in the game library (provided by GCOM), and GMs are encouraged to check out those copies as needed. Players with a copy of the game are guaranteed to play.
Keep to the Schedule
Event timing: All events are to begin within fifteen (15) minutes of the posted time. NO entrants are allowed to sign up for play after the fifteen minute grace period. GMs are NOT allowed to delay the start of play of a game due to any gamer that is not physically present and ready to start play. For example: Joe says that “John ran to his room to get something and he’ll be back in five minutes,” or John says: “I am on my last turn in such and such game and I will be done in five minutes.”
Time Limits
GMs are required to submit the maximum time allowed to complete one round (one game) of their event to the nearest 30 minute interval. GMs are required to inform all entrants in their event that this time limit will be enforced with an ADJUDICATION, prior to the start of the event. GMs are required to monitor all games in their event, several times throughout the progression of the event, in an effort to ensure that all games are proceeding at a pace required to finish the game on time. If the GM observes, or is made aware, that any game is progressing too slowly to be completed in the allotted time, than that GM will be required to impose time limits to every player for each turn in the reminder of the game. Players not adhering to set time limits may be subject to disqualification from the current event and/or future tournaments at the GMs discretion. If you are unsure how to handle ANY time play issues please consult with the Tournament Director.
GMs should monitor their players to see if anyone is being abusive or unsportsmanlike in any way. Such conduct should be met with a warning that any further such behavior will result in disqualification. Before disqualifying anyone, ask your Assistant GMs to confer with you on the situation and deliver the verdict as a committee decision. If unwilling to protect your players from such behavior, you should not be a GM. Any player who leaves a multi-player game in progress without advance permission from the GM should be barred from that event in future years. All players should be reminded of that penalty before play begins. If you are unsure how to handle ANY conduct issues please consult with the Tournament Director or the EQ Convention Director.
Simultaneous Play
Do NOT allow players to play in two events simultaneously. A GM who violates this rule himself/herself or by knowingly allowing one of his/her players to violate it will be barred from future GM duties.
Allowing bystanders to give information to any player, or to hassle, or otherwise distract a player is prohibited. If you see this taking place, you should announce that onlookers are welcome only if they remain silent. Those who violate this rule should be removed from the gaming area.
GMs must never allow anyone to enter their event without a valid conference badge. No matter what the excuse or who the person is, if they have no badge they cannot play. Reminder: Kids playing on a 12 and Under badge may not participate in the tournaments. Any GM failing to enforce these rules will be banned from future GM responsibilities. Lost badges may be replaced at a cost of $5.00.
Main Event Tournament
All main event tournaments are rated as BEGINNERS WELCOME. This means players must have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a mandatory scheduled teaching demonstration. A thirty to sixty minute demonstration is required prior to the start of the second heat in the tournament when you or an Assistant GM will be available to demonstrate and teach the game. If desired, GMs may group beginners together in a single game during the tournament.
Main Event GM Requirements & Limits
Each main event is required to have at least one main GM and may also have one Assistant GM. More than one assistant GM is allowed. Due to the time and effort involved in running an event at EuroQuest, GMs are typically limited to running one main event. Main event GMs wishing to volunteer for additional GM duties may GM one Wild Card Event or serve as Assistant GM for one event in addition to their main event.
Wild Card Tournament
GMs will be required to provide by the GM deadline, a clarification of all game rules, number of players allowed to play in each game and all tie breakers to determine one single winner. During the course of the conference Wild Card GMs are required to:

  1. Complete at least one game demonstration (required only for games new to EuroQuest).
  2. Promote playing of their game.
  3. Be readily available to answer rules questions and handle rule disputes.

As Wild Card events require less of a GM’s time, one GM may run two Wild Card events. Wild Card events are not required to have an assistant GM.

Please Address Questions To
Tournament Director: Marcy Morelli –