HLS Trophy Competition


Once again, the Harold L. Siegelman Trophy will be awarded to the top overall individual performer based on results in events spanning the entire convention at EuroQuest.

The trophy is named in honor of Harold Siegelman, who was one of the most active and competitive gamers in the Games Club of Maryland until his untimely passing in March 2003. As well as being an accomplished Euro-Gamer, Harold was also a competitive tournament bridge player. Harold was also known for his prowess playing games on the Internet at BrettspielWelt, where he went by the moniker “Shlimazl.”

At the time of his passing, Harold was looking forward to helping us organize this event, and much of the format and prize structure for the event is based on early input from Harold.

Scoring System

Everyone who has registered for EuroQuest is automatically eligible to compete for this award. Points are earned in two ways: Points for each different game won (as explained below), and Points from finishing in the finals of a Main Tournament game or the Top 5 of the Wild Card tournament

Important: The HLS award only includes games from the Main Tournaments and the Wild Card (hereafter referred to as qualifying games).

October 25, 2023 Update:  For 2023, participants in the Catan tournament (which is the standalone qualifier toward the National Catan Championship) will once again be eligible for HLS points, something that has not been the case in recent years given technical issues regarding the different scoring system used versus that in all the other main tournaments counting for HLS points.

Points For Each Different Game Won

2 points shall be awarded per game where either of these conditions are met:

  • Win 1 game with 3 or more players
  • Win 2 games with 2 players*

* the 2 games won may be the same or different game titles in the WildCard event

Note: At most, only 1 Wild Card game title can count for Siegelman points

Points From Finishing In the FINALS

Points shall be awarded to players in the finals of each Main Tournament game or in the Top 5 of the Wild Card according to the following table:

Level 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
Level 1: 50 Players or more 8 6 4 2 1
Level 2: 35-49 Players 7 5 3 2 1
Level 3: less than 35 Players 6 4 2 1

We will track the results on a large scoreboard that will be visible throughout the event. Game Masters from each qualifying game will make sure the scores are reported accurately for their particular game, and the top prize will be awarded on Sunday at the conclusion of the last Main tournament game and the Wild Card.


The competitor scoring the most overall points as outlined above will be awarded the Harold L. Siegelman Trophy as the top individual performer at EuroQuest. In the event of a tie, the tiebreakers will be:

  1. Most first place finishes.
  2. Most qualifying events in which the participants won a game.
  3. Total points from scoring qualifying events multiplied by the number of participants. If still tied, then the award will be shared.

HLS trophy

The Harold L. Siegelman Trophy, presented every year to the best at EuroQuest