Play to Win

How it works

Play to Win games will be available to borrow in a designated Play to Win area. When you borrow one of these games, be sure to pick up an entry card for your table. When you finish playing the game and return it to the library, fill out the card and put it in the labeled drop box in the Play to Win area.

Note that the Play to Win event is a totally separate prize pool, and does not preclude you from winning a prize during the general prize drawing on Saturday at 9PM or any other prize drawing (early bird, etc) at EuroQuest.

The Rules
  • Play to Win games will be kept in a designated Play to Win library and should be returned to the Play to Win library when you are done
  • Play to Win games will have blank comment cards inside the game boxes and/or available at the Play to Win library area.
  • You must properly fill out the comment card (including, at a minimum, the name of the game, and the badge numbers and names of all players) to be eligible
  • Individual players are counted up to a maximum of 3 entries per game.
    Playing any given game more than 3 times does not increase your chances of winning.
  • The deadline for depositing Play to Win rating slips will be 2 hours prior to the actual Prize Drawing on Saturday (i.e. 5 PM Saturday)
  • You must be physically present (with badge) to claim your prize(s)
  • Each player can win more than 1 game (We used to have a rule that prevented this, but it became too annoying to enforce, so it got ‘nixed in 2017)
2018 Games and Sponsors

Please Contact Us if you are interested in donating games to our Play to Win prize pool!
This page will be constantly updated as the convention approaches.

2018 Sponsors (so far):

  • Double Exposure Envoy program representing over 50 publishers and independent game designers!

Play to Win Games - 2018

GamePublisher# PlayersPlay Time
Space BaseAEG2 - 520 - 75 Minutes
B&B Game Studios3 - 630 - 60 Minutes
Rise of TribesBreaking Games2 - 430 - 60 Minutes
Michael StrogoffDevir Games1 - 560 Minutes
Wanted: Rich or DeadGalakta3 - 510 - 30 Minutes
Fate of the Elder GodsGreater Than Games1 - 430 - 90 Minutes
Aeon's EndIndie Boards & Cards1 - 460 Minutes
MercadoKosmos2 - 430 Minutes
The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31Mondo Games4 - 860 - 120 Minutes
Rajas of the GangesR & R Games2 - 445 - 75 Minutes
KoiSmirk & Dagger Games2 - 440 - 60 Minutes
CalimalaStronghold Games3 - 5 45 - 75 Minutes
Fist of Dragonstones: The Tavern EditionStronghold Games3 - 645 - 60 Minutes
Stronghold Games2 - 460 - 120 Minutes
Paper TalesStronghold Games2 - 530 Minutes
Chimera StationTasty Minstrel Games2 - 460 - 90 Minutes
The Flow of HistoryTasty Minstrel Games2 - 560 - 90 Minutes
Hero Realms Base GameWhite Wizard Games2 - 420 - 30 Minutes
Previous Sponsors
Please thank the following sponsors for their continued support of EuroQuest over the years!
Overworld_Games stronghold games Tasty Minstrel Games Minion_Games