Play to Win

How it works

Play to Win games will be available to borrow in a designated Play to Win area. When you borrow one of these games, be sure to pick up an entry card for your table. When you finish playing the game and return it to the library, fill out the card and put it in the labeled drop box in the Play to Win area.

Note that the Play to Win event is a totally separate prize pool, and does not preclude you from winning a prize during the general prize drawing on Saturday at 9PM or any other prize drawing (early bird, etc) at EuroQuest.

The Rules
  • Play to Win games will be kept in a designated Play to Win library and should be returned to the Play to Win library when you are done
  • Play to Win ratings will be submitted via an online system at (powered by Black Rhino Software )
    • The password to login will be provided at the convention and can’t be used until the convention officially starts
  • For each game played, one player from the table must submit the Play to Win details (names of all players, ratings, comments) via the online system.
  • The deadline for submitting Play to Win ratings is 2 hours prior to the Prize Drawing on Saturday.  For 2023, this means Play to Win submission closes on Saturday at 5:30 PM for the 7:30 PM prize drawing.
  • You must be physically present (with badge) to claim your prize(s)
  • Each player can win more than 1 game (We used to have a rule that prevented this, but it became too annoying to enforce, so it got ‘nixed in 2017)
2023 Games and Sponsors

Please Contact Us if you are interested in donating games to our Play to Win prize pool!

Check back closer the event when we will be able to list the available games.

Last updated August 21, 2023