Game Library





What is it?

  • GCOM members bring some of their games and put them on designated tables to create a game borrowing library.
  • The games library is also supplemented with over 100 games that are part of the Games Library of the Games Club of Maryland.
  • Any and all event attendees are allowed to place their own personal games in the game library in order to share their games with other event attendees. Please see requirements below before placing your personal games into the library.
  • All adult — 18 or over — event attendees are allowed to borrow games from the game library, provided they follow the posted rules.

How it works

  • GCOM provides library check out forms on clipboards and has game library instructions posted in several places in the game borrowing library area.
  • Event attendees choose a game from the Library that they wish to play.
  • Attendees are asked to record the title of the game, their full name and the time they are borrowing the game.
  • Attendees may only borrow ONE game at any one time.
  • The owner of the game is allowed to claim their game at ANY time, including if you are in the middle of playing it.
  • Games borrowed from the library must not be left unattended at a table under any circumstances.
  • GCOM requires that the person that borrowed the game:
    1. accepts responsibility for it,
    2. keeps track of all the pieces,
    3. ensures all pieces are returned to the box, in the same condition and placement they were taken from,
    4. returns the game to the game library, and
    5. signs in the game and time on the provided game check out form.


  • When you are returning a game to the library, please be sure to sign in the game on the same sheet used to check the game out.
  • All games in the Game Library must have an identification label of some sort, including the owner’s full name and contact information, attached to the game.
  • Games Club Of Maryland reserves the right to collect and remove all games left at the end of the convention that have not been claimed by their owners. Every attempt will be made to contact the owner of the game to let them know GCOM has their game. GCOM will not be responsible for returning any games left by their owners.
  • Games that are left at the end of the convention that are without a label or identification will become the property of Games Club of Maryland.
  • If you do not wish to share your game, do not place it on the game library table.
  • GCOM suggests that all games that you do not wish to share remain in a closed container of some kind, away from the game library area.
  • Stacks of games do not belong on playing tables.
  • We request all games not being played be set away from all game playing tables and walkway aisles between tables.

DISCLAIMER: Games Club of Maryland accepts NO responsibly or liability for ANY game brought to the convention, placed on the Game Library table, or left in the convention room unattended. Please see event personnel for any additional information.