Team Tournament

team competition image

The Team Tournament returns for our 2023 convention. This year we will be presenting the winners’ prizes upon conclusion of all tournament competition at approximately 4 PM on Sunday.

For 2023, we will be using the same basic format as at the prior team tournaments at EuroQuest.


Team members will not have to designate a particular event in advance. The best score that each player achieves in ANY event is what will be used for their contribution to the team total. 

  1. Each team will consist of exactly three players who have paid appropriate registration fees and have been assigned badge numbers.
  2. Each team should come up with a team name to be posted on a wall chart along with all team members and their badge numbers. The wall chart will be used to track the results of the team members as they score points in completed events. We plan to provide computer-generated scores as well.
  3. Teams can be formed in advance by pre-registered attendees by emailing with your team name and member list; individual players seeking other players to form a team are encouraged to contact Marcy as well. Teams can also be formed on-site, but must be submitted by 10 AM Friday.
  4. Each team member shall count their best finish in any one event (using the scoring described in the Harold L. Siegelman Trophy competition); the best finishes of all three team members will determine the overall winner of the Team Competition.
  5. In the event of ties, the second best finish of all team members shall be compared for the tied teams, then the third best finish, and so forth. If still tied, then the total number of points scored by all team members for the Siegelman Award will be used. Any further ties will be broken by the EQ standard “Euro Coin Flip” by designated team members.

Last updated October 12, 2023