EuroQuest Demonstration Requirements

Demonstrations of new games, be they published games or protoypes, is encouraged at EuroQuest.  If you want to schedule a demo at EuroQuest, you will need to obseve the following guidelines:

  • Cost to Demo: Pre-registration fee only. No additional fees.
  • You must pre-register for EuroQuest prior to any agreements to run game demonstrations.
  • All game demonstrations are subject to approval by the EuroQuest New Games Coordinator and/or the EuroQuest Convention Director.
Use of Demonstration Space
  1. Demonstration space is given for game demonstrations purposes ONLY.
  2. Sales of the demo game and/or large displays are NOT allowed (except through an approved EuroQuest vendor package)
  3. Displays or Banners that fit on or near the demonstration table will be permitted.
  4. Demo space will be offered on a first come first serve basis, and space is limited.
  5. We will provide space on an appropriately sized table (generally, either a 5-foot round or six-foot long rectangular table).  It is up to the game demonstrator whether or not to complete a full game, or multiple games, but each table must be cleared before the end of the scheduled demo to allow set up for the next demo or scheduled event. While game demonstrators can schedule multiple demos during the course of the convention, in order to provide everyone an equal opportunity, each demonstrator will be limited to a maximum of six hours total.
Steps to Take

NOTE: Scheduling and demonstration information can be arranged prior to pre-registration confirmation, but we will not make the demonstration official until we receive registration confirmation. Steps to take:

  1. You will need to pre-register.
  2. After you pre-register, send an e-mail to and include information about your preferred demo timeslots. Please include both a starting and ending time for each requested demo.
  3. You need to complete a brief summary of the game that you are planning to demo which we can post on the EQ website.
  4. We will post the Demo information on the EQ website as soon as possible, usually within two weeks of confirmation. For more information, please send e-mail to