Designer: Reiner Knizia
Publishers: Alea, Rio Grande Games
Boardgamegeek Info: Ra


GM: Antony Saccenti


Demo: Thurs, 9:30 AM

See schedule for Heat times


The top two finishers in the Final will receive a plaque.

Event Description

Ra is an auction and set-collection game with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Each turn players are able to purchase lots of tiles with their bidding tiles (suns).  Use these tiles to score points in a variety of ways and have the most points after three epochs to be declared the winner.

Preliminary Rounds

Three heats will be played with standard 1st edition rules.  Four player games will be preferred, with three player games used as necessary.

Elimination Rounds

The top 16 players from the heats will advance to the semifinal, as determined by the standard EuroQuest tiebreakers..  If fewer than 16 qualifiers attend the semifinal, alternates will be taken to attempt to fill the 16 slots.  If possible, four semifinal games will take place, advancing to a four person final.  If fewer than four semifinal games are required, some number of second place semifinalists may also advance to a four person final.

Rules Version / Common Mistakes / Special Rules

Rules published in the 1st edition will be used. No special or variant rules.  If you feel the need, please check that the tile set is complete before the game starts.  Games will not be restarted/replayed due to missing tiles.

Tie Breakers

Ties within games will be broken by the tiebreaker in the rulebook: If two or more players tie with the highest total, the player, among those tied for highest total, with the highest numbered sun is the winner.

Time Limit Adjudication

Games running past the time limit WILL be adjudicated so people can make the next round of games. If ALL players and the GM agree, the time limit can be extended. Adjudication: GM will inform all games still in progress when there are fifteen (15) minutes and five (5) minutes remaining in the round. At the conclusion of the five minute period, all games will end immediately, as if the last Sun had been drawn, and each player will compute his/her score according to the end of game scoring in the official rules.