Pamphlet Advertising

Once again we will be offering the opportunity to advertise in the EuroQuest pamphlet. Guidelines appear below. Please contact this year’s Convention Director Rodney Bacigalupo or Advertising Coordinator Brian Stallings.

Guidelines for Advertising in the EuroQuest Pamphlet
  1. First come, first served. The deadline for purchasing ad space is one month before the standard pre-registration deadline for attendees.
  2. For EuroQuest 2019, the deadline is September 18, 2019
  3. Payment and Ad copy must be received by that time. Payments should be made out to Games Club of Maryland.
  4. We reserve the right to reject any unsuitable ads.
  5. Ads may be submitted as text or image. Fonts may be specified, so long as they are available by default in MS Office 2003.
  6. Ads must relate to board gaming, the board game industry, or GCOM.
  7. Please submit images in JPG or TIFF format. Grayscale is preferred. Please contact the Advertising Coordinator if you need to supply a different format.
  8. The production copies of the pamphlet will be:
    1. Printed in Black and White, not full-color.
    2. Bi-fold (5.5”x8.5” fold)
    3. Printed on 20# Bond (standard printer/copy machine paper).
  9. Ad rates for EuroQuest are: Full page: $70. Half page: $35. Quarter page: $20. GCOM will consider in-kind donations of gaming-related items and services in lieu of cash payment. Please contact the Convention Director for details. We are also willing to consider cooperative advertising exchanges with other gaming conventions of similar size and stature.
  10. These pamphlets will be distributed to attendees of the EuroQuest convention, which is expected to be 300+ unique attendees, based on recent attendance trends.
  11. Unused ad space will be filled with images from previous EQ (or GCOM) events, or other images germane to GCOM.
  12. A draft version of the pamphlet containing your ad can be provided on or around November 1 if your space has been paid for.