Mega Civilization

Designers: Flo de HaanJohn RodriguezFrancis Tresham
Publishers: 999 GamesPegasus Spiele
Boardgamegeek Info: Mega Civilization



GM: Jamie Tang, Rick Bynaker


Demos: Fri 10AM – noon,  Fri 6PM – 8 PM
Demos will use “The First Game” script.

Game Start: Saturday,  9 AM until finish, which could be 9 pm.
By starting, you are committing to play until the game ends. Please do not schedule anything else for Saturday.


The game can accommodate up to 18 players. Players must sign up at the Front desk by Friday 8 pm.

Beginners are welcome, but should have read the rules or attended the demonstration.

Event Description

Mega Civilization is an epic experience for between five and eighteen players. Via board movement, diplomacy, trading and technological advances, you choose how your culture develops. Each turn, you build cities which allow you to acquire commodity cards. By trading with other players, you make those cards into sets. The larger the set, the greater its value in currency toward acquiring technology advancements. Each technology provides victory points along with benefits and detriments. For instance, Monarchy allows you to increase your taxes and defeat more Barbarians, but it also worsens the calamity of Tyranny. Ah, calamities. Every turn, your people could be pummeled by disasters such as Epidemic or Civil War or simply by hostile neighbors. To win, you will need to weather those calamities, trade to your advantage and make wise purchasing decisions.

Special Event Rules: We will play the “Short Game” variant. Each player is given a pre-constructed set of four technological advancements prior to choosing a civilization and placing five cities. This allows us to skip the Stone and Iron Ages and begin during the Early Bronze Age.