Game Designer Demos

This year we are lucky to have a number of game designers who will be present to demo their games.

Back are the father and son duo of Bob and Max Jamelli, whose decade long labor of love is now a reality as their Lords of Baseball game (after a successful Kickstarter last full was funded at the 800% level) is slated to reach backer’s hands soon.  Dalton Versak, whom many of you know as a strong competitor in our many tournaments, is also a published designer, and he has found a gap in the schedule to offer a demo of his recent release, Wall Streak, on Saturday afternoon.  We are pleased to announce that Talia Rosen, who is local to the greater DC/MD/VA area, will be on hand to demo First Monday in October, a game with a unique theme (the U.  S.  Supreme Court), currently slated for publication by DC-based Fort Circle Games, whose games focus on U.  S.  history and historical events.  Becca Horovitz returns for her second EuroQuest with her previously published game, Annapurna, featuring a new “Beat the Designer” concept as well as a new prototype, Collectionomics, that she will be demoing on Saturday morning.

Details on all these games follow.

Lords of Baseball


Publisher: L4 StudiosMr. B Games


Game Description

The new century is upon us, and the 20th Century promises to be something great for the game of baseball. Across the eastern half of the United States the national pastime is taking shape. The leagues are settling into traditional formats that will remain unchanged for decades.

You are an owner of one of the charter franchises, a leader with the money and vision to grow the game into its modern form. Invest wisely – it is not only the team on the field that matters, but also the stadium, media, and fans that can set you up for success! This is not a baseball game simulation; this is a game about building a baseball dynasty. Your business savvy and skills will win the day.

Lords of Baseball is for 1-4 players (expandable to 6 or 8 and can even be expanded to 16 with two base games and 4 expansions). Lords of Baseball takes about 40 minutes per season to play. It is a card-driven strategy game that unfolds over multiple seasons (you can choose to play a short, medium, or long game).


Designers: Max (left) and Robert Jamelli

Demo Times
11 AM – 5 PM (depending on attendance and game length, this could include two or possibly three separate games using a pre-production copy of the game that is due to be shipped to backers in the next few weeks)

Wall Streak

Publisher: Zord Games



Game Description

Wall Streak is a board game where players take on the roles of investors, competing against one another to become the king/queen of Wall Street. Players accomplish this by having earned the most victory points at game’s end. Victory can be earned one of three ways, buying company’s (worth 5vp’s for each owned at game’s end), accumulating money (worth 1vp per every 5M at game’s end), and completing investor goals (worth 3vp to 15vp). Players must find the right balance between the 3 in order to be crowned king/queen of Wall Street!

   Designer: Dalton Versak

Demo Times


2:30 – 4:30 PM

First Monday in October 

Publisher: Fort Circle Games



Game Description

On the first Monday in October, the all-powerful Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court gather each year to decide the fate of the free world. Each player represents a long-standing institute, association, or think tank attempting to gain renown by shaping the composition of the high court, taking sides in landmark cases throughout the history of the United States, and determining the governing laws of the land. Players need to use their limited influence and actions wisely to control the judicial philosophy of the court and to prevail in as many cases as possible.  Over the course of two hours, First Monday in October allows players to recreate the history of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1789 to the present day.

  Designer: Talia Rosen

Demo Times
10:30 AM – 1 PM
2 PM –  4:30 PM


Publisher: Fiat Lucre
Game Description

Climb the most dangerous massif in the world! In Annapurna you co-operate — or compete — with your fellow climbers to achieve balance on this treacherous, ever-changing mountain. As you explore your mountainside made of cards you will encounter rockslides, yetis, and danger at every turn!

You start with a deck of 18 mountain cards, laying out 15 of them face down in a pyramidal mountain and keeping the rest as your backpack. Each card has a yin or yang value of 1-4 on it as well as a special effect. To start the game, each player reveals a card in their bottom row, carries out the effect, then places their meeple on the card.

On a turn, you explore an adjacent card on a non-lower level by flipping it over, carrying out its effects, and placing your meeple on it; trade a card from your backpack with a card in your mountain, pacing the replaced card in a cache; or hide a card, which is the same as trade, but on another player’s mountain. If your face-up mountain cards have a balance of yin and yang, you can remove them from play.

  Designer: Becca Horovitz
Demo Times


As an added bonus, Becca Horovitz will demo new game, Collectionomics. Be one of the first to get a preview!

Game Description

 In this game your aim is to collect points based on how many people you can convince that your favorite die, rock, or marble is in fact bright, wizened, or looks like it really should be in therapy. Party game adjacent, reverse blind voting mechanic. Bribing! I’ll bring shiny rocks! Bring your own collection containing at least 50 of something (shells, dice, seeds) and we’ll play. (Be willing to let people handle your collection.)