EuroQuest Presents! (2013)

This “EuroQuest Presents” page focuses on all the non-tournament events and activities at EuroQuest. Under this umbrella, we will be bringing you a wide variety of events outside of the scope of our regular tournament play.

Our primary focus is on the newest games that have come out in the last year, or are coming out soon.  Our goal is to make these games available for you to learn and enjoy.

Some of these events will be familiar to long time EuroQuest attendees, while others are brand new this year!

We will be updating this page with new details and new events right up to the convention, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Read about each event:

Anything to Add? Contact Us (It’s Up to You…)

If you are interested in showing your design, or any favorite game for that matter, at EuroQuest, please check out our demo requirements.

If anyone has any other ideas for items to add to this page, feel free to contact the EQ Presents! Director: Jeff Thornsen.