Thurn und Taxis

Designers: Andreas & Karen Seyfarth
Publishers: Rio Grande Games, Hans im Gluck, 999 Games
Boardgamegeek Info: Thurn and Taxis
Spiel des Jahres (German game of the year) 2006



GM: Lee Mewshaw
Ass’t GM: Pat Onufrak


Demo: Thurs 10:30 AM
Heats: Thurs 11:00 AM, Fri 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM
Semi-Final: Sat 1:30 PM
Final: Sat 4:30 PM


The top two finishers in the Final will receive a plaque.

Event Description

A real challenge for strategists: build a new postal stagecoach operation. But what does the best connection look like? Do you plan a short but difficult route, play it safe instead? With the right strategy, this game lets players build routes and stagecoaches, found offices in cities and expand into new countries. All the while making good use of public departments and having a lucky hand when planning new routes. Thurn und Taxis: The mail’s here!

Power & Glory Expansion: The postal carriages continue to roll. Now that players have learned to master the postal routes in the south, they naturally turn their eyes toward the north, looking for more routes to establish to add to their ever-growing postal networks. The new routes run between Holland and Sachsen – between Preußen and the free cities. The players build new postal stations in order to provide fast service for important letters to the many new customers in the north.Hard-working postal carriers add horses to their carriages to enable them to travel farther and more safely, which will help the separated Preußen provinces to achieve power and glory. With this expansion, we offer new ways for players to enjoy Thurn and Taxis. The new board opens up new areas for postal routes. To support the new board, we include new bonus tiles and new city cards (with horses on their backs to support the new rules). We hope players will enjoy these changes and the strategic opportunities they offer.

Number of players per game

4 players (preferred), there will be some three-player games as needed.

Special Rules/Clarifications

All rules from the game will be used. No variants will be used, with one exception: if all players in the game agree, the Power & Glory expansion may be used.

  1. Most houses left in stock. (The reason I put this first is that I feel that person accomplished the most with the least resources.)
  2. The most scoring tokens
  3. The highest Carriage Number
  4. The person with the 1 bonus chip. If not the winner, then the person closest to him in clockwise fashion.
Elimination Rounds
  1. The top 16 players based on performance in the heats will be eligible for the semifinals. There will be four games in the semifinals, with the winners advancing to a four-player final.
  2. If enough eligible winners are not present for the semi-final, alternates may advance. Otherwise one or two 3-player games will be used.
  3. Elimination round games will be played with the base game only. The Power & Glory expansion may not be used.