Puerto Rico

puerto rico

Designers: Andreas Seyfarth
Publishers: Alea, Rio Grande Games
Boardgamegeek Info: Puerto Rico



GM: Richard Shay


Demo: Thurs 5:30 PM
See schedule for Heat times


The top two finishers in the Final will receive a plaque.

Event Description

Number of players per game:

4 (3-player games will be acceptable in preliminary rounds as needed although four is the preferred and optimal number; there will be no 5-player games).


All standard game rules apply. We will not be using any of the expansions or variants, except for the special tiebreakers and bidding system described below that will be used in elimination round games only.

Score Sheets:

In order for players to receive appropriate credit for the results in any game, the score sheet must be completed LEGIBLY with each player’s name and badge numbers with appropriate scores and component scores and tiebreaker count, if appropriate. Special score sheets will be provided requesting additional information (not required) for statistical purposes. If such score sheets are used, take care to identify each player based on starting seat position (first governor is player #1, second governor is player #2, and so forth).


Players will be paired together randomly for the first two heats. GM reserves the right to seat teammates, friends/family members at different tables during first two heats and the right to pair together one-game winners in the third, final heat.

Tiebreakers in Individual Games:

In any game prior to the semifinals, if two or more players are tied for a position on both VPs and the doubloons plus goods tiebreak, all such tied players shall receive credit for having finished in the tied position.

In elimination round games only (semifinals and finals), if there is a tie for points and remaining doubloons plus goods, the player who accepted the higher VP handicap will be awarded the position. If still tied, the tie shall be broken in favor of the player with the best result in all prior rounds, games (all wins counting equally). If still tied, then go to a coin flip or random plantation draw. (Please note this is a change from prior years).


There will be a semi final with 4 tables of 4 players. The top 16 players based on performance in the heats will be eligible for the semifinals. The final table will consist of the winners of the 4 semi-final games. In pairing people together, the two-game winners will be split as equally as possible among the semifinal games, and we will fill in the remaining games to tables of four with alternates using the standard tiebreakers.

When considering who will advance to the semi-final round, we will consider margin of victory if we have no other way to break a tie (for example, amongst players with one heat win and no other heats entered.)

Bidding for seats:

For all semifinal and final games, we will be using a bidding for seat position using the same bidding system introduced last year. Each player will randomly draw a random plantation tile (using the trading house values) to determine who bids first. Going around in plantation order value (coffee goes first), each player will place a matching plantation tile on a bid value ranging from 0 to 5.0 VP (in increments of 0.5 VP) using a chart to be furnished by the GM. Bids may be zero but in all instances must be higher than any previous bids for a particular seat. Any player who has been outbid will have his/her marker removed and will, when his or her turn comes, bid again–either a higher value for the same seat or a different amount for another seat. A player whose bid is not topped by another bid does not get another bid — instead the bidding goes around to the next player without a bid marker in play. The process continues until all players’ bid markers are on different seats, with the resulting bid representing the VP handicap to be assigned for that particular game. These VP handicaps will be noted at the top of the particular seat position (1, 2, 3 or 4) on the scoresheet above the player’s name and will be subtracted from that player’s VP total at the end of the game. Note all bids will be made before seeing the random plantation draw to start each game.

Please Note: These rules will govern the event, and will be enforced by the GMs. Players having issues or suggestions about the event should not attempt to discuss them with the GM during seating for heats. Such comments should be directed to the Tournament Director instead. Your cooperation is appreciated.


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