Great Western Trail

Designer: Alexander Pfister
Publisher: eggertspiele
Boardgamegeek Info: Great Western Trail


GM: Scott Saccenti

Demo: Friday, 7:00 PM
See schedule for Heat times


The top two finishers from the Final will receive a plaque.

Event Description

Manage your herd and navigate the opportunities and pitfalls of the Great Western Trail. New players are welcome, so long as they have at least read the rules OR attended the teaching Demo.

Game version

All heats will use the 2nd edition rules.  First Edition will only be used in Heats if there is a shortage of copies, and IF used, will include the second edition changes to starting-hand setup. 

SPECIAL TOURNAMENT RULES (changes from rulebook!)
  1. In heats, players will draft starting Objective Cards in reverse initial turn order. In Semis/Final, they will be attached to a seat before bidding.
  2. Played cards should be added to a player’s discard pile in the order they are played, and this order must be preserved until a shuffle is needed. Played cards are public and may be examined at any time by any player.
  3. A player may examine the contents of their OWN draw deck, provided that after doing so they hand the deck to the player on their right for a shuffle.
Preliminary Rounds

2 heats of 2 1/2 hours. 4-player games are preferred but we will use 3-player tables if necessary to allow all players to play.

Reasonable effort will be made to split up family/team members where possible.

In heats, players will draft starting Objective Cards in reverse initial turn order. The placement and the side (A/B) of the neutral buildings will be random.

No promos. Some effort will be made to accommodate players interested in playing the Rails To The North expansion (heats only!), but this will depend on interest


Tie-breaker (in heats) will be REVERSE initial turn order.

Tie-breaker (in elimination rounds) will be leftover coins AFTER spending for game-end VPs, with second tie-breaker being bid-for initial turn-order.

Elimination Rounds

After two heats, if there are eight or fewer game-winners, we will cut to Top Eight, and advance the top two from both Semi tables to the Final.

if there are more than eight game-winners, we will cut to 12 if needed, or 16 if possible, leading to a 4-player Final.

In Semis and the Final we will bid VPs (to be deducted at game end) for initial turn order

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Great Western Trail at EuroQuest 2023 will award Meeple League points