Designer: Elizabeth Hargrave
Publishers: Stonemeier Games
Boardgamegeek Info: Wingspan page, 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres winner

New FOR 2021


GM: Andrew Emerick


Demo: Thurs 10:00 AM
See schedule for Heat times


The top finishers (TBD) from the Final will receive a EuroQuest plaque.

The event description is still under development. 

Event Description

Game Versions

There will be three preliminary heats, followed by the semi-final and final.

All heats, the Semi-Final, and the Final will use the TBD version of the game.

Number of Players

Most games will be played with 4 players, resorting to 5-player games only if needed. Players will randomly select turn order and seating order at the start of each game.

Elimination Rounds
  1. A 16 player semi-final will be held, consisting of four 4-player games.
Rules Version
Rules Clarifications/Notes
  1. Tie Breakers

The following tiebreakers will be used to determine finish order within a game:

  1. TBD


Meeple League Logo_Side Text

Wingspan at EuroQuest 2021 will award Meeple League points