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Once again in 2023 we will have games directly from Essen available! 

Checking out Essen Games

  • Essen Games will be kept in a separate library (not with the regular GCOM Library).
  • Many of these games will have demos – Demo times will be posted at the demo stands located in the demo area.
  • You should not check out an Essen Game when it will be needed for its scheduled demo.

Game Titles

October 18, 2023 Update:  We are pleased to announce that, courtesy of Tom McCorry, we plan to have on hand a dozen titles directly from this year’s Essen fair.  In addition to another Essen title (Apiary) that we will be obtaining stateside, the list of these Essen “hits” from 2023 follows.





Forest Shuffle

Kutna Hora:  The City of Silver

Nucleum (Hot New Wild Card game, along with Apiary)

*Path of Civilization

Planta Nubo

Rats of Wistar

The White Castle

World Wonders

These games (*with the exception of Ceres and Path of Civilization) will reside in the New Games library and will be available for EuroQuest attendees to check out prior to being included in the Grand Prize Drawing at 9:30 PM on Saturday.

October 28, 2023 Update: Ceres and Path of Civilization will not be included in the prize drawing, but will be available for demos on Thursday and Friday.

November 1, 2023 Update:

We are pleased to confirm the following demo times for many of these games:

Ceres (Thurs. 5 PM)

Evacuation (Thurs. 9 PM)

Kutna Hora: City of Silver (Thurs. 7 PM)

Nucleum (Thurs. 2 PM)

Path of Civilization (Fri. 7 PM)

Planta Nubo (Sat. 1 PM)

The White Castle (Fri. 5 PM)

Last updated November 1, 2023

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