Game Designer’s Forum (2013)

    Saturday at 12:30 PM

Following up on the initial Game Designer’s Forum at EuroQuest 2012, we have blocked out time on the non-tournament schedule for a Game Designer’s Forum. All EuroQuest attendees are welcome to participate in this discussion, which will take place from 12:30 to 2:00 PM on Saturday, November 16, in the New Games Demo area. Luke Petterschmidt (see photo left)Luke2, of Castle Dice fame, has volunteered to lead the discussion, which will include the relative merits of using Kickstarter as opposed to the more traditional methods of new game publications.

Luke has indicated that the focus of this year’s forum will be “Tools Available to Turn Your Idea into a Product.”

Expected Attendees:

Bill Crenshaw
Kiva Fecteau
Nick Ferris
Geof Gambill
“Legend” Dan Hoffman
Max Jamelli
Chris Kirkman
Kevin Kulp
Nathaniel Levan
Andrew Parks
Luke Petterschmidt
Ben Rosset
Volko Ruhnke
Alf Shadowsong
John “Skip” Sizemore
Josh Tempkin

Several of these game designers are part of the “Unpub” group. Unpub offers opportunities for playtesting and promotion of new game designers and their games through a network of game designers, both published and unpublished. Unpub’s fourth annual “Unpub4” event will take place in Magnolia, Delaware on January 17 -19, 2014. Game designers will be charged for admission but for non-game designers, there is no admission fee. For details, see

For more information about Unpub, check out their website