St. Petersburg

st pete
Designers: Michael Tummelhofer (Jay Tummelson, Bernd Brunnhofer, Michael Bruinsma)
Publishers: Hans im Gluck, Rio Grande Games
Boardgamegeek Info: Saint Petersburg


GM: Amy Rule


Demo: Thurs 11:30 AM
See schedule for Heat times


The top two finishers in the final will receive a plaque.

Event Description

3 Heats of 90 minutes each for the preliminary rounds. All heats count, but a player’s top two finishes (only) count for advancing. Two wins automatically advances to Semi-Finals. Random table assignments for each round.

Elimination Rounds:

a. The top 16 players based on performance in the heats will be eligible for the semifinals. There will be four four-player games in the semifinals.
b. Final of 4 players – Random seat positions, then draw for starting markers.

Rules Version / Common Mistakes / Special Rules:

a. No variants, no special rules.
b. Clarification: Cards drawn from the Observatory must be shown to all players.
c. No Special Building (Pub, Warehouse or Observatory) can be upgraded in the ROUND it is used.
d. The Warehouse MAY be upgraded if it holds four cards, but CANNOT be upgraded on a round when a 4th card was added.
e. The St. Petersburg 2nd edition (2014) may not be used in the tournament.

Tie Breakers (individual games):

a. Most Money
b. Least number of Aristocrats

Time Limit Adjudication:

Time will be announced when 20 and 5 minutes is remaining. Games running at 90 minutes will conclude at the end of the current round. Players have a maximum of 30 seconds to complete their actions per turn after the 90 minute time frame.


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St Petersburg at EuroQuest 2019 will award Meeple League points