Carcassonne Bracket Challenge

All paid attendees of EuroQuest  (18 years and older) may participate in the bracket, even if you don’t play in the tournament.

The bracket will be set as soon as possible after the end of the qualifying rounds. Bracket sheets will be available approximately 15 minutes  before the start of Carcassonne single elimination play. You must clearly circle or highlight your choice for each game winner. If the GM cannot understand any of your choices, you may not receive credit for them.

Completed bracket sheets must be turned in by the start of Carcasonne single elimination play. This deadline will be announced by the GM when the sheets are distributed. Players who qualify for the Carcassonne single elimination play are also eligible to compete in the Bracket Challenge. 

Brackets not completed with the participant name and badge number and turned in prior to the announced deadline will not be eligible.

Enough copies of the bracket will be available for you to keep a copy and track your personal results. However, the copy turned in to the GM is the official copy for determining the winner of the Bracket Challenge.

Interim results of the Carcassonne tournament will be posted periodically to allow you to keep track of how you are doing.

Bracket Challenge players are encouraged to track their own scores using the point values below.

Points for picking round winners:

Terrific Two – 50 points / winning player
Fabulous Four – 25 points / winning player
Excellent Eight – 10 points / winning player

Bonus points for making exact guesses

1st Place – 1000 points
2nd Place – 500 points
3rd Place – 250 points
4th Place – 125 points

Points for picking players advancing to the 16 player level (5 points) and 32 player level (2 points, if used) will only be calculated as a tiebreaker.                                     

The winner of the Bracket Challenge will be announced as soon as possible after the end of Carcassonne single elimination play.


The winner of the Bracket Challenge will receive a set of Meeple shot glasses.