UnPub Protozone

EuroQuest welcomes game designers to demonstrate their recent creations, be they newly published, games awaiting publication, or prototypes that are still undergoing playtesting.  In previous years, we had a feature called the Designer’s Den which allowed local game designers and/or publishers to bring copies of their games and demo them during the convention.

Now, we are on-board with the UnPub brand.  If you are a game designer or publisher and want to demo your games at EuroQuest, register thru the UnPub Website as a designer at http://admin.unpub.net/ and you will receive dedicated demo space and scheduled demos in the main gaming area.

Event Details
  • The UnPub Protozone will be held all day Friday and Saturday in Pimlico/Laurel (down the hall from the main hotel lobby)
  • You can view the current list of registered games being shown by logging into the UnPub website and viewing the event details
  • Designers can also schedule time in the main gaming area to demo their games.  Send all requests to events@euroquestcon.com
  • There is no additional cost for demoing (or playtesting) a game, but you still must purchase a normal registration badge for EuroQuest
  • Please check back here for additional details as they become available

UnPub Designers at EuroQuest 2016

  1. Chris Cowles – Bibliophile
    1. Scheduled DEMOS: Friday 12:00PM, Saturday 1:30PM
  2. David Stephenson – Empire
    1. Scheduled DEMOS: Saturday 12:30PM
  3. Brad Smoley – Valor City Vigilantes
    1. Scheduled DEMOS: Saturday 12:00PM
  4. Sheri & David Knauth – Party Poetry
    1. Scheduled DEMOS: Friday 9:00PM, Saturday 6:00PM
  5. Jeff Mechlinksi and Darius Hambleton – Robotech: Attack on SDF-1
    1. Scheduled DEMOS: Friday 6:00PM, Saturday 3:00PM
  6. Forrest Et Alia – Spires + Bunny Island: Explore, Build, Conquer!
    1. Scheduled DEMOS: Saturday 11:00AM, 5:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM