RPGs return to EuroQuest this year with two sessions.

GM: David Edelstein

To reserve your spot, email David at david.edelstein@gmail.com in advance or signup at the Front Desk. Any remaining slots will be filled first-come, first=served at the designated start time.

The Fantasy Trip

An old-school, early competitor to Dungeons & Dragons, recently released in a new edition to much acclaim, TFT’s origins as a high-grit tactical combat game make it feel very different from what you may be used to in a Fantasy RPG.

Rules will be explained and pre-made characters (fighters and wizards) will be provided. No experience is necessary.

Number of players: Up to 4

Start Time: Friday, 6:00 pm

Length: ~4 hours

Dungeon Crawl Classics

Dungeon Crawl Classics is an OSR (Old School Revolution) d20-based game resembling a Weird Fantasy homebrewed D&D variant from the 70s.
In a typical starting DCC game, you are not creating a unique and interesting PC with a rich background story. You are each responsible for a group of 3-4 hapless 0-level peasants armed with butcher’s knives, pitchforks, and clubs. The entire mob will descend into a dungeon looking for fame and glory. Most will die. TPKs are possible! The lucky survivors graduate to become real 1st-level characters.
Number of players:  Up to 5
Start Time: Saturday,  1pm
Length: ~4 hours