7 Wonders

7 Wonders

Designers: Antoine Bauza
Publishers: Repos Productions
Boardgamegeek Info: 7 Wonders



GM: Andrew Emerick


Demo: Sat, 12:30 PM

See schedule for Heat times


The top finisher in the final will receive a plaque.

Event Description

1. All games will be base only unless the entire table agrees otherwise
2. All games will be 4 players except in the case of an uneven number of players or not enough copies of the game, in which case we may have some 5 player games
1. The top 16 players will play four 4 player games, the winner of each advancing to the finals.
1. As data seems to show that Babylon is weaker than other Wonders by a noticeable margin, any player drawing Babylon may discard it and draw another Wonder.
2. You may choose whether to play side A or side B of your board.
3. Manekin Pis will not be used.
4. Standard rules and tiebreakers otherwise apply.  In particular most coins is the first tiebreak, and if players are still tied, then die roll will determine the tied position.