Designers: Uwe Rosenberg
Publishers: Lookout Games, 999 Games, Z-Man Games
Boardgamegeek Info: Agricola
Awards: 2008 Spiel des Jahres: Special Prize for Complex Game, 2008 International Gamers Award: General Strategy/Multi-Player Game


GM: Eric Wrobel


See schedule for Heat times


This tournament will be single elimination. We will accept up to 25 players. All winners will advance to the Final game.


The top two finishers in the Final will receive a plaque.

Event Description

Number of Players

All games will be 4 player games when possible, with 5 player games used as needed.

Tournament Rules

In rounds of the tournament we will draft from the EIK decks mixed together.   There will also be a “draft” of Occupation cards and Minor Improvement cards. The Occupation cards will be first. You cannot look at the Minor Improvements until the Occupation cards are drafted. In the semi-final and Final, all three decks will be used. Banned cards noted below should be removed prior to the start of the draft.

Determine the starting player before the draft begins.

The card-drafting mechanism will work as follows. Deal all players 7 Occupations. Every player will keep 1 Occupation card and pass 6 cards to the player on your left. Then keep 1 card and pass 5 cards and so on, until everyone has 7 cards again. Then repeat the process with the Minor Improvements Card but pass to the right.

The following cards are banned from the tournament, remove them before drafting:

  1. Ratcatcher (E Deck, Occupation)
  2. Wooden Hut Extension (E Deck, Minor Improvement)
  3. Braggart (E Deck, Occupation)
  4. Chamberlain (I Deck, Occupation)
  5. Taster (I Deck, Occupation)
  6. Lover (K Deck, Occupation)
  7. Wetnurse (K Deck, Occupation)
  8. Reedhut (K Deck, Minor Improvement)

Additional errata:

Moldboard Plow may be used twice per game rather than once
Brushwood Roof has a prerequisite of two Occupations played rather than one

In the event that card use or combo is in question, or with regards to misprints and errata, all answers to questions should be based on the unofficial Agricola Compendium 9.0 on at:

Tie Breakers

In the event of a tie for a position in an individual game, the following tie breakers shall be applied (in order, until the tie is broken):

  1. Most leftover food. *Note: All food conversions must be converted prior to the final Breeding phase. This includes converting a grain/vegetable into one food.
  2. Turn order at the start of the game in the following order: 4-3-1-2 (i.e. fourth seat wins all tiebreakers and second seat loses all tiebreakers)
FInal Game

All winners will advance to the final game, which will have 3-5 players based on how many tables were used in the first round.

Time Limit

Rounds will be scheduled for 2 1/2 hours, including the draft. Time limits will be strictly enforced. Warnings will be given at 2 hours and 2 1/4 hours.