Designers: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Publishers: 999 Games, Albi, Hans im Gluck, Z Man
Boardgamegeek Info: Carcassonne



GM: Norman Rule
Asst GM: Amy Rule


Players must sign up for each heat.  Because of the back-to-back nature of the heats, sign-up will begin as soon as practical before the start of the hour and will close no later than the scheduled start time of the heat.  Once closed, there will be NO late sign-in or game starts.  If you are not ready to play at the scheduled start time, your name will be pulled.


Demo – Saturday, 3:30pm

Heat play starts at Saturday 6pm.  Semi-final/final starts at 10pm.  Results of the three heats will be posted as soon as practical after the end of the 3rd heat.

Plaque(s) & prizes

The top two finishers from the Final will receive a plaque and a special prize.

Event Description

Welcome to EuroQuest’s Carcassonne Tournament! The format for this year will be three back-to-back heats, a semi-final and final, all completed Saturday evening. We will have 4 player games when possible. The GM/Assistant GM will play or sit out as needed to make the correct number of players. If necessary, we will have 3 player tables, but will not use a 5 player table.

Please fill out your score sheet in player order at the start of the game by entering your information after you have made your first play. Each player around the table is responsible for confirming that ALL names and badge numbers are correct AND LEGIBLE. Because of the tight schedule, we will not have time to track down players for name/badge clarification. Winners are responsible for returning the score sheets, table numbers and playing cards to the GM. Data entry is done based on badge number. If any data on a scoresheet is illegible/doesn’t match the database, it will be pulled from data entry and the results removed from consideration.


The GM will randomly assign players to tables by playing card distribution. Seating order and Start player is by unanimous table choice but must be set before Start player is identified. If there is no unanimous choice, Start Player is by a Meeple drop and play order is current seating order around the table.  DO NOT DELAY THE GAME AND DO NOT MAKE THE GM adjudicate this!

All players get an equal number of turns (13 turns in a 4 player game with 72 tiles). To ensure this the Start player does not draw a tile. They may place a Meeple on the standard “start tile” as their first action. At the end of the game, there should be no remaining tiles and every player should have had the same number of turns. PLEASE VERIFY THAT YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT TILES FOR ALL PLAYERS EACH TIME THE DRAW BAG COMES BACK TO THE START PLAYER. If during play, a drawn tile is unplayable, the drawing player puts it aside and draws a new tile. The unplayable tile is put back in the bag at the start of that players NEXT turn.

A four player game of Carcassonne with the basic set should take less than 45 minutes.  The GM will announce when 45 minutes has elapsed from the distribution of playing cards. This is your last round of tiles around the table, starting from the Start player. Once Player 4 has played, the game is over.

Tie Breakers

1. Most unused meeples before final scoring starts.
2. Least number of farmers on the board
3. Coin flip

Rules clarifications

The tournament will use the current Basic Game rules (3rd Edition) for Carcassonne described in the current edition by Hans um Gluck and Z-man Games and the most recent edition from Rio Grande Games. The Basic Game will include all 72 tiles (not including The River) listed in the 3rd Edition rules. Copies of the 3rd Edition rules and the tile list are available as a download from Z-Man games and will be posted during the tournament.
Each TILE in a city and each pennants on a tile score 1 point if the city is not complete and 2 points if the city is complete. If a large city includes a tile that has more than one end cap, score that tile once. Do not score each end cap separately. A completed 2-segment city is worth 4 points.
Farmers are scored by field. The player with the most Meeples in a field controls that field and will score 3 points for all cities touched by that field. A player may score a city more than once if he/she controls more than one field touching that city.