Essen and other New Games

Every year, the EuroQuest staff has volunteers fly out to the Essen Spiel convention in Germany in order to bring back some of the latest and greatest games being released, in order to make them available for you to play at EuroQuest before they are released in the USA!

2018 – If you are interested in participating in the game selection process, please send an e-mail to expressing your interest.  We generally begin the overall selection process shortly before GenCon in August so we can target acquiring new games at GenCon and then identify which games should be purchased directly from Essen SPIEL.

New Games Library

  • The Essen and other new games will be kept in a separate New Games library (not with the regular GCOM Library).
  • Demo times for the Essen games will be posted at the demo stands located in the demo area.
  • You should not check out an Essen game when it will be needed for its scheduled demo.
  • All of the indicated New / Essen games will be given away during the 9 PM Saturday prize drawing.
  • Please note that the comment cards in the library area are ONLY for Play to Win Games. Submitting comments for Essen games do not earn you any extra chances to win those games as prizes.

2018 Essen Games

Essen and New Games - 2018

GamePublisherDesigner# PlayersPlay Time
Architects of the West KingdomGarphill GamesShem Phillips
S J MacDonald
1 - 560 - 80 Minutes
Between Two Castles of Mad King LudwigStonemaier Games
Matthew O'Malley
Ben Rosset
2 - 745 - 60 Minutes
Blackout: Hong Kongeggertspiele
Pegasus Spiele
Alexander Pfister1 - 475 - 150 Minutes
Pegasus Spiele
Flaminia Brasini
Virginio Gigli
2 - 460 - 90 Minutes
EverdellStarling GamesJames A. Wilson1 - 440 - 80 Minutes
Forum TrajanumStronghold Games
Maldito Games
Stefan Feld2 - 460 - 120 Minutes
GugongTasty Minstrel GamesAndreas Steding1 - 560 - 90 Minutes
Pegasus Spiele
Bruno Cathala
Charles Chevallier
2 - 630 Minutes
Teotihuacan: City of GodsNSKN GamesDaniele Tascini
Dávid Turczi
1 - 490 - 120 Minutes



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