Designers: Acchittocca, Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Stefano Luperto, Antonio Tinto
Publishers: Rio Grande Games
Boardgamegeek Info: Egizia


GM: Randy Buehler


Demo: 3:30 PM, Thursday

See schedule for Heat times


The top two finishers from the Final will receive a plaque.

Event Description

3 Heats of 90 minutes each for the preliminary rounds. 4-player games are preferred but we will use 3-player tables if necessary to allow all players to play.

Elimination Rounds

The Top 16 players advance to the semi-finals, as determined by the standard EuroQuest tiebreakers. The semi-finals will consist of four 4-player games with each winner advancing to a 4-player final. Semi-finalists with the most heat wins will be spread out evenly amongst the semi-final tables.
We will consider margin of victory if we have no other way to break a tie (for example, amongst player with one heat win and no other heats entered.

Rules Variants

No house rules or rule variants will be enforced at any point during the tournament. However, if all players at a table agree to a modification (for example, removing the +10% Sphinx card from the deck) then that is allowed.
Rules Clarifications

  1. The water ring may move when you place a ship on the specific space, the joker must move.
  2. The cards “Use an already occupied round space” and “Double benefits of a round space” cannot be used on Heliopolis (the last Nile space).
  3. The “Use an already occupied round space” card cannot be used to place a ship on the same spot as your last ship placement (unless, of course, you also have the card that allows you to move upstream).
  4. The stones used as markers are unlimited; if you run out use something else.
  5. Cards of type “anytime” cannot be played at the end game scoring, but can be played just before the game ends.
  6. If you pass placing a ship, you are done placing for the round and all your opponents can continue placing until the round ends.
  7. If a player is tied for the most of a particular type of field or quarry production he doesn’t receive the bonus points from the appropriate Sphinx card.
  8. The “You can place a ship on a full building site” card is poorly worded. It means that your ship placed “on speculation” will be allowed to build, even if no other player vacates a spot. You can wait and play the card after all other players build.
  9. The “anytime” cards that add 3, 4, or 5 strength to a construction crew are a temporary bonus. They don’t adjust your tableau and can’t be played during Sphinx scoring.
  10. The grave tiles a player collects are placed face-up.
  11. Unclaimed cards from the Nile are discarded at the end of the round.
  12. Modified field cards count as their modified type for Sphinx card scoring. These must be modified before final scoring begins.
  13. “Draw + 2 cards” card requires a minimum of 1 crew and a minimum of 1 stone, not 0 as stated in the rules. (The total of cards taken can still not exceed 5).
  14. “At the end of each round take one of the remaining cards” card is used at the end of the “Place Ships” phase (rather than at the end of the round as stated on the card).
Tie Breakers (individual games)

Make sure to award end-game points to the person in the lead first so that they will wind up ahead on the score track in the case of any ties.